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Drum Sound Library

E-MU sound engineers meticulously sampled acoustic drum kits in professional studios to build a diverse collection of over 500 presets that range from bread-and-butter kits to specialized R&B, stadium rock, jazz and much more. Electronic drum samples and additional percussion instruments were added to round out the soundset, offering you every last drum sample of E-MU's popular PX-7 Command Station to cover every sonic eventuality. The Protean Drums X samples have all been optimized for E-MU's powerful filters, effects and synthesis architecture, giving you comprehensive hands-on control over all aspects of your sounds and performance from the moment you load your sounds. Add Protean Drums X to your E-MU Desktop instrument and dial in the perfect drum sound every time.





  Technical Specifications
    Style: Drums/Percussion
    For use with Emulator X and Proteus X
    4 banks
    513 presets
  Retail Box Contents

Sounds CD-ROM


Sounds booklet

  Minimum System Requirements
    For use with Emulator X and Proteus X